Gasoline in the United States is specified in ASTM D4814.  It is also regulated closely by the US EPA, particularly for vapor pressure and sulfur content, among others. Requirements for RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) are defined by region and switch between a summer grade and winter grade.  Below are some of the methods commonly used for testing gasoline:

From D4814

Distillation, D86

Vapor Liquid Ratio, D5188 (new model from Stanhope Seta coming soon.)

RVP, D5191

Corrosion, D130

Solvent washed Gum Content, D381

Sulfur Measurement, D2622, D7039

Oxidation Stability, D525

Silver Corrosion, D4814, Annex A1

Other methods sometimes used

Contamination by Silicone, XRay analyzer from XOS called Signal

Contamination by Phosphorous, XRay analyzer from XOS named Phoebe

Contamination at ppm level by FAME, Seta Analytics FIJI Instrument

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