Fiji Multi Product
Fiji Multi Product

FIJI - FAME Measurement using FTIR - Rapid Screening Method

FIJI JF Measuring FAME in Jet Fuels, (SA5000-2)

ASTM D7797, Approved in DEF STAN 91-91 and ASTM D1655 Jet Fuel Specifications.

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FIJI Measuring FAME in Distillates & Residual Fuels (SA5100-0)
ASTM D7963

FIJI Multi Fuel  Measuring FAME in Jet, Distillates & Residual Fuels (SA5200-0)
ASTM D7797, ASTM D7963, DEF STAN 91-91, ASTM D1655

  • 10-150ppm (mg/kg) in Jet Fuels. 
  • 20 mg/kg to 20% in Distillate & Residual Fuels.
  • Analysis time 15 minutes.
  • Measures all types of FAME in C8 to C22 range.
  • Laboratory and field instrument.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Suitable for untrained operators.
  • No cleaning solvents required.
  • No pre-sample preparation required.
  • 50 ml sample volume.
  • Patent Approved.

Measurement Principle using FTIR

The patented Fame In Jet Instrument (FIJI) has been developed to offer the industry a rapid and easy check on Parts Per Million (ppm or mg/kg) levels of FAME in Aviation, Distillate and Residual fuel.

FIJI uniquely utilizes state of the art FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy) technology and a patented sample preparation system which allows FAME detection accuracy down to the 20mg/kg level.

FIJI can be used as a field or lab based screening tool to give a quick indication of possible FAME contamination that may then necessitate further investigations. The instrument can be used to prevent expensive testing and avoid costly delays of fuel release.

Principles of operation

The FIJI instrument is robust, extremely simple to use and is fully automatic so no specialist operator training is involved. Tests require less than 50ml of sample and typically take under 20 minutes. Results are presented in mg/kg units together with an optional traffic light system for flagging FAME contamination levels of the fuel. By comparison current analytical tests can take many hours, require complex equipment and demand high skill levels.

Using a unique sample preparation module the sample is pumped at a controlled flow rate though a proprietary disposable cartridge. The sample components are spectrally analyzed by the FTIR and a result is displayed in mg/kg and a graphical spectrum is also shown.

The system is self-cleaning so no solvents are required. After each test the cartridge is simply and easily replaced and the instrument is immediately ready for the next sample.

What types of FAME can FIJI detect?

FIJI can measures all types of FAME in the range C8 to C22 including:

  • Coconut   
  • Mustard
  • Palm
  • Rapeseed
  • Sunflower oil
  • Soya
  • Jatropha

Who should use FIJI?

  • Airports, Pipelines, Jetties.  (bulleted)
  • Refineries and Fuel Blending Locations.
  • Tank Storage Terminals.
  • Laboratories & Cargo Inspection.

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FIJI now included in Jet Fuel Specifications

ASTM D1655, Defence Standard 91-91 and EI/JIG standard 1530 , the specifications for Aviation Turbine Fuels, AVTUR, Jet A, and Jet A-1, have been updated to allow the new 50mg/kg FAME limit and now include IP 583 and ASTM D7797.


  • Table 3 Incidental Materials has been updated and the level of FAME permitted in JET fuel has been increased from 5 mg/kg to 50mg/kg.
  • An emergency release of 100 mg/kg is permitted when authorized by the airframe and engine manufacturers.
  • Table 3 includes the FIJI Rapid Screening methods, IP 593 / ASTM D7797, as accepted test methods for the new 50mg/kg FAME level.
  • The levels may increase to 100 mg/kg after two years, once the industry has been able to evaluate the field performance of fuels with higher FAME levels.
  • Download ASTM D1655.


  • Table 1 Incidental Materials will include a maximum of 50 mg/kg with an emergency release of 100 mg/kg.
  • Table 2 includes the FIJI Rapid Screening methods, IP 593 / ASTM D7797, as accepted test methods for the new 50mg/kg level.
  • From 2nd May 2015 FAME measurement will become a mandatory part of recertification which is conducted at the upstream supply terminals and prior to movement to airport.
  • FAME tests are now mandated in DefStan 91-91.
  • Download DEF STAN 91-91.


Bulletin No.76 - Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) - has been issued with new guidance on specification changes and a revised Joint Fuelling System Checklist.

  • The revised 50 mg/kg limit is effective 2nd May 2015
  • FIJI Methods - IP 583 / ASTM D7797 are authorised tests in the Joint Fuels Checklist
  • The FIJI method is the only analysis that can screen all FAME types
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