AvCount Lube Particle Counter, SA1900-0

The AvCount Lube particle counter determines particle concentration in oils with a viscosity up to 200 mm2/s. FFKM seals have been fitted to resist aggressive oils.

• Simple operation
• Ideal for handling lubricating and hydraulic oils
• 3 minute test time
• Programmable via PC

With a simple test procedure and user friendly features, operator skill or expertise is kept to a minimum.

AvCount Lube can hold up to 3 test methods with custom methods created on a PC before being uploaded using the supplied ProTrend control and analysis software.

Test progress and results for up to 6 size bands are displayed as cumulative particles/ml and ISO 4406, NAS 1638, AS4059 cleanliness codes.

Methods: AS 4059, ASTM D6786, ASTM D7647, GB 5930, GJB 420-1987/420-A-1996/420B-2006, GOST 17216, ISO 11171, ISO 11500, ISO 4406, ISO 60970, NAS 1638, SAE 749D, SAE A6D

Integral Compressor AvCount Lube comprises a light extinction automatic particle counter and a sample delivery unit. Designed to handle samples with a viscosity up to 200 mm2/s, the AvCount Lube has an integral compressor that pressurises the sample chamber to 3bar.

Calibration & Verification AvCount Lube utilises 16 point calibration. Calibration can be carried out either using NIST traceable standard solutions or by interfacing with a primary calibrated ‘Master’ AvCount Lube. Calibration can be carried out at a user site or at our authorised regional laboratories


  • Calibrated to ISO 11171, traceable to NIST SRM 2806b
  • Suppled with ASTM D7647, ISO 60970 and ISO 4406 loaded as standard
  • FFKM seals compatible with synthetic oils
  • Suitable for fluids up to 200mm2/s viscosity
  • Customisable methods – up to three can be stored at any time
  • Multiple methods can be stored on a PC and uploaded via USB
  • Particle count and cleanliness code
  • Uses “Straight from the Bottle” samples
  • Precise and reliable results
  • Ultra compact rugged, steel case suitable for portable use
  • 15 fixed measuring channels (calibration in compliance with ISO MTD for measuring in oil)
  • IData storage for up to 600 measurements
  • Internal Double Pump System
  • USB connection for PC connectivity
  • Integral Compressor
Particle Size Range: ISO 11171: 4µm(b) to >70µm(b)
Number of Measuring Channels: 15 when connected to a PC, 6 when used as a stand-alone
Counts Per Measurement (Max): 16.000.000 per 10ml
Sample Viscosity (Max): 200mm2/s
Sample Temperature Range: 0 to 70°C
Results: 600 internal, unlimited on PC
Pump Volume & Flow Rate: 10ml aliquots @ 30ml/min or timed
Total Sample Volume Used (typ): 80ml (includes rinse cycles) for ASTM D7647, 20ml other methods
Voltage: Automatic particle counter: 12Vdc, 2.5A (mains adaptor supplied 100 to 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 650mA) Pressure delivery unit: 24Vdc, 2A (mains adaptor supplied 100 to 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 1A)
Size (HxWxD): 50 x 32 x 28cm
Weight: 16kg


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