Petra 4294

Sulfur Measurement Advanced

Petra 4294 delivers high-precision D4294 sulfur analysis across a broad measurement range. Petra 4294 offers advanced precision with HDXRF, advanced reliability, and advanced software and data management. Petroleum laboratories depend on reliable, robust analytical solutions for their fast-paced environment. Petra 4294 was designed to meet these needs with an innovative sample introduction system that directs accidental spills to a drip tray and away from valuable components.

Petra 4294 complies with ASTM D4294 and ISO 8754 methods for sulfur analysis of hydrocarbons like crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and lubricants.

Methods: ASTM D4294, ISO 8754

Advanced Sulfur Analysis with HDXRF

Enhanced detection performance over traditional XRF technology

Advanced Precision

Precise sulfur analysis with LODs as low as 2.6 ppm

Advanced Reliability & Robustness

Ideal for fast-paced environments.

Advanced Software

Store up to 30 calibration data sets

Advanced Data Management

Storage for thousands of measurements

Calibration curves: 30 calibration curves. Automatic and Manual Calibration functionality
Catalysts: No
Communication Capabilities: Printer, USB & Ethernet, LIMS Integrated
Consumable/Utility Gas: None
Dimensions: Depth:16.5 in / 41.9 cm
Dimensions: Height:6 in / 15.3 cm
Dimensions: Width:14.5 in / 36.8 cm
Element: Sulfur / 2.6 ppm
Measurement Time: User selectable 30-900s
Method Name: ASTM D4294 & ISO 8754
Options: LIMS Connectivity
Range: Sulfur 2.6 ppm – 10 wt%
Sample Cup Type: Standard XRF Sample Cup
Sample Matrix: Hydrocarbon
Specific Technology: HDXRF
Type: Benchtop

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