Salt in Crude Analyzer, 99700-6

The Seta Salt-in-Crude Analyser is a robust and portable instrument for determining the chloride (salt) content of crude oils in full conformity to ASTM D3230, IP 265 and equivalent test methods.

The Seta Salt-in-Crude Analyser is pre-calibrated and automatically displays salt concentration measurements in g/m3 or lbs/1000bbl (pounds per thousand barrels), this avoids the need to mix salt calibration standards and makes testing a simple and fast procedure.

Methods: ASTM D3230, IP 265

The Seta Salt-in-Crude Analyser has 3 test modes:

ASTM/PRECAL – pre-calibrated for use in conformity to ASTM D3230

ASTM USER– allows user calibration of ASTM values (ie: display values can be verified and/or recalibrated by the user against salt solutions of known conductivity)

IP USER – allows user calibration according to IP 265 values

  • Pre calibrated for immediate use to ASTM D3230
  • Salt concentration values displayed automatically
  • No need for mixing of salt standards
  • Typical test time of less than 30 seconds
  • Moisture proof membrane touch screen with large keys
  • Calibration modes allow verification using user standards
  • RS232 – PC compatible
  • Fully portable, all items contained in aluminium carry case
  • Supplied with beaker and sensor support stands
  • Optional bench top stand (see photo)
  • Interchangeable plug-in sensor
  • Battery or mains power supply

The kit is designed to quickly verify the results displayed on the Analyser. It contains a set of 3 ‘SaltCheck’ verification modules supplied in a convenient storage case. The modules are calibrated to show equivalent salt values of:

0 g/m3

30 g/m3

190 g/m3

Instrument verification is easy – simply plug the sensor assembly into each module to verify display readings.

Saltcheck is supplied with a certificate of verification.

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