Setaclean Total Sediment Tester, 16120-2

A compact bench-mounted unit for determining the insoluble material content of distillate and residual fuel oils.

Methods: ASTM D4870-IP 375, BS 2000 Part 375, IP 390 (Procedure A), ISO 10307

Consists of two filtration cells, heating (steam) and cooling (water) circuits, and a vacuum circuit with Buchner flask and gauge. Each filtration cell comprises a steam heated/water cooled brass cup with a sintered brass disk to support the microfibre filters. Temperature test points are fitted into the steam input lines, and a digital indicator and probe are available as an accessory.

Supplied with: Buchner flask with safety cover, 2 filtration cells, 100 filters, and instruction manual.

  • Measures sediment up to 0.5%m/m
  • Sample viscosities up to 130m/m²/s
  • 10g sample size
  • Two test stations
Test samples 10ml
Waste flask capacity 500ml
Filters 2 per cell 47mm dia Whatman Type GF/A
Services Steam 100°C Vacuum 40kPa absolute pressure Cooling water – ambient temperature
Connections 10mm diameter riffled nozzles
Size (HxWxD) Weight: 40 x 47 x 18cm 8kg
Weight 8kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90318080

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