Sindie® 7039 G3 M-Series Bench-Top Analyzer

Hassle-free Sulfur Analysis with Compliance Flexibility

Sindie 7039 Generation 3 offers our most advanced software amongst the 7039 models. This model features an 8-cell autosampler and utilizes Accu-cell sample cups for hassle-free sample prep.

Methods: ASTM D7039, ISO 20884

Sulfur Analysis with Unprecedented Precision

No compromises in detection, performance and reliability – the SINDIE 7039 G3 analyzer is the ideal sulfur analytical solution for the energy industry. From ultra low sulfur diesel and gasoline to heavy fuel oil and crudes, the analyzer delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy. The Sindie 7039 G3 bench-top analyzer is easy-to-use, robust and complies with both ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884 methods. Plug it in and measure. Results with one touch. Unrivaled precision.

Application Areas:

  • Total sulfur analysis from ultra low sulfur fuels to crudes.
  • For use in refinery labs, pipeline terminals, additive plants, testing vans and inspection laboratories.
  • Complies with ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884.
  • LOD: 0.15 ppm at 300 s.
  • Dynamic Range: Standard: 0.15 ppm to 3000 ppm XR package: 0.15 ppm to 10%
  • Available with 8 cell auto-sampler.
  • Fits on any bench and compatible for use in mobile labs/vans.
  • Plug-it-in and measure: power is only utility. • Touch screen user interface.
  • Utilizes ACCU-CELL pre-assembled and pre-vented sample cups for enhanced precision, extreme ease-of-use and enhanced productivity. User programmable measurement time: 30-900 s.
  • One calibration curve will run both diesel and gasoline up to 3000 ppm.
  • No conversion gasses, heating elements, quartz tubes or columns.
  • 75 W air-cooled excitation tube.
  • Robust polyamide window for easy cleaning.
Test Method: ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884 Dimensions: 37 cm (w) x 50 cm (d) x 34 cm (h)
Power: 100-120 VAC, 47-63 HZ at 6.0 Amps/200-240 VAC, 47-63 HZ at 6.0 Amps Sample Cup Volume: 1 ml
I/O Ports: Ethernet 10/100 base T, RS232 Optional Computer Interface: Pentium, 100 MHz, 32 MB RAM/Windows 98 or newer operating system
Ambient Temperature Requirements: 5-40o C (40-104o C)
Dynamic Range: Standard: 0.15 – 3000 ppm, XR Package: 0.15 ppm – 10%
Measurement: User selectable: 30-900 s
Calibration: 8 calibration curves. Automatic and Manual Calibration functionality

SINDIE® Autosampler

  • 8 sample cell capacity
  • Increases productivity
  • Utilitizes XOS Accu-Cell cups

ACCU-CELL Sample Cups

  • No assembly of separate film & cup components
  • Pre-vented sample cups
  • Eliminates sample & cup contamination
  • One discharge of 1 ml pipette will fill the cup

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