On January 1, 2021, the EPA’s streamlining and updating of fuel regulations found in 40CFR80 and 40CFR1090 took effect. Laboratories testing US gasoline and diesel fuels have been hard at work ensuring they are fully compliant with the changes, which include the re-affirming of ASTM D2622 as the referee test method for sulfur testing.

According to the EPA, the new Part 1090 is designed to:

  • Reduce compliance burdens for both
    industry and EPA
  • Potentially lower fuel costs for consumers
  • Maintain fuel quality

The EPA expects to effectively ease the previous compliance burdens found in the redundancy
in overall testing, qualification of test methods, and additional oversight.

One area that has been simplified is the reclarification of ASTM D2622 as the designated referee test method for gasoline and diesel sulfur testing.


Laboratories currently using or planning to use D2622 no longer have to perform complete EPA qualification testing, so long as they continue with the remaining accuracy, precision, and quality control requirements of the regulations. This can save considerable time and resources.

XOS’ Sindie 2622 analyzer fully complies with both ASTM D2622 and D7039 test methods, further advancing your analytical capabilities. With Sindie 2622, you can perform EPA qualification testing and enjoy the benefits of the D7039 technique, which makes meeting EPA requirements quick and easy. Labs can also use D7039 as a backup or instead of D2622 to take advantage of the shorter run time recommended by the test method as well as test samples that do not fall under these EPA Regulations.

Benefits of Using ASTM D7039

  • No need for background measurement means quicker cycle time
  • Better precision compared with D2622 and D5453, according to ASTM PTP Data

Enhance your team’s capabilities by adding one or more of these optional features to your Sindie 2622

  • Compatibility with both standard-sized and XOS Accucell cups, pre-assembled with wrinkle-free surface film attached for faster sample handling
  • 8-cup carousel autosampler for higher throughput and improved automation
  • XOS’ higher-performing 2622 Gen3 model and engine decrease background measurement time for lower limits of detection and faster cycle time

Make meeting the new sulfur regulations simple and easy with the XOS Sindie 2622

Sindie 2622 Gen3 with Accu-cell (vacuum) – 402291-02M