AvCount Calibration Material Change

AvCount Particle Counter Calibration

As of mid-2021, ISO11171, the global calibration standard for particle counters, issued its latest method update, ISO11171:2020. This saw the introduction of the latest calibration material, SRM2806D. As a result of this, the materials that you use to calibrate the AvCount instrument will change.

AvCount Classic

AvCount Classic

Due to the age of this instrument, the SA1000-0 will not be able to accept the new SRM2806D calibration material. It will remain calibrated to SRM2806 (also referred to as SRM2806A). This is still accepted under ISO11171:2020.



The SA1000-2 is unique in the AvCount family in that it has 2 calibration curves. Both SRM2806 and SRM2806B. Under ISO11171:2020, the SRM2806B calibration material is being withdrawn and is no longer accepted. As such the user has the choice to:

  • Continuing to run the instrument on the A calibration curve or,
  • Switching from the B calibration to the A calibration or,
  • Upgrading the instrument firmware and calibrating to the latest SRM2806D

Contact us through our website or call 574-271-7020 to upgrade the firmware.

AvCount Lite

AvCount Lite/Lube
SA1800-0, SA1805-0, SA1800-2, SA1805-2, SA1900-0, SA1910-0

The AvCount Lite and Lube instruments were previously calibrated using SRM2806B. At the next annual calibration period, these instruments should be recalibrated using SRM2806D and verified.

In order to calibrate to SRM2806D, a new “2806D Preset” file will need to be added to the PC that is connected to the instrument for calibration. Contact us through our website or call 574-271-7020 and we will work with you to get the file loaded.

AvCount3 Particle Counter – SA1100-3

SA1100-0, SA1105-0

All new instruments will be calibrated using SRM2806D material.

AvCount Particle Counter Calibration Guide


Part NumberPart NameOld CalibrationNew CalibrationCalibration Material
Part Number
Verification Material
Part Number
SA1000-0 (Obsolete)AvCount ClassicSRM2806ASRM2806ASA1001-0SA1006-0
SA1000-2 (Obsolete)AvCount2SRM2806A / SRM2806BSRM2806A / SRM2806DSA1001-0 / SA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1250-2 (Obsolete)AvCount2 SkydrolSRM2806A / SRM2806BSRM2806A / SRM2806DSA1001-0 / SA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1800-0 (Obsolete)AvCount LiteSRM2806BSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1805-0 (Obsolete)AvCount Lite SkydrolSRM2806BSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1800-2AvCount LiteSRM2806BSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1805-2AvCount Lite SkydrolSRM2806BSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1900-0AvCount LubeSRM2806BSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1910-0AvCount Lube Low ViscositySRM2806BSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0
SA1105-0AvCount3 SkydrolSRM2806DSRM2806DSA1121-0SA1006-0