Cannon Fenske Routine Viscometer Testing Kit – 84211-0

The Cannon-Fenske Routine Viscometer Testing Kit is used in conjunction with a Cannon-Fenske Routine viscometer tube to determine the viscosity of samples. The kit allows you to accurately fill the viscometer tube and control the release of a sample to perform a test.

For use with the KV6 Viscometer Bath (84200-3).

Supplied with:
1 x 20 ml syringe
300 mm length of silicone tube 7 mm OD × 4 mm ID
300 mm length of silicone tube 8 mm OD × 5 mm ID
1 x 60 mm nylon pipes 6 mm OD × 4 mm ID
1 x rubber stopper


CCCN CODE Tariff 90279050