CCD Camera for 4-Ball Scar Measurement – 19755-0

The 1.3 Megapixel CCD camera fits any Seta microscope to allow image capture of the scars and on-screen measurement of its size. The software provides users with the ability to measure the scar diameter using either a 2 or 3 point circle for accurate results. Scar dimensions can be taken live from the image or users can save the image with (or without) the attached dimensions.

The camera has an easy calibration process for white balance and color enhancing and a calibrated scale is included to offer a simple scale calibration process.

Camera supplied with the software, calibration graticule slide and a 0.45X lens, 23.2 mm/30.5 mm/31.5 mm c-mount adapters, and USB cable.


CCCN CODE Tariff 85258019