Cleveland Standard 80 ml (3 pack) – 99882-0

Designed specifically for use in determining flashpoints in petroleum products by the Cleveland Open Cup method.

With a nominal value of 259 °C, this high-quality standard can be used to verify system functionality and assure the accuracy of laboratory test equipment on a regular basis.

Tested in accordance with ASTM D92/IP 36 and certified to ISO 17025 / ISO Guide 34 by a UKAS accredited laboratory, this standard is a time saving, welcome addition to any petroleum testing facility. Packed in 3 x 80 ml single-shot bottles with tamper-evident lids assuring the highest level of sample integrity. 12-month shelf life

Certification: Supplied with Works Certificate of Value.

Methods: ASTM D92-IP 36


  • Fully traceable to National Standards
  • Certified according to ISO 17025/ ISO Guide 34
  • Tested and certified in accordance with ASTM D92/IP 36
  • 259 °C nominal value
  • Supplied in 80ml bottles
  • 2-year shelf life from manufacture


CCCN CODE Tariff 38220000