FIJI IP 583, ASTM D7797 and ASTM D7963 Starter Kit – SA5201-0

Start-up kit for use with the FIJI DRG – FAME in Distillate & Residual Fuels (SA5100-0) and FIJI MF – FAME in MultiFuels (SA5200-0) to perform ASTM D7963, D7963, and IP 583 tests.

Supplied with;
1 x box of low lint wipes
21 x 50 ml sample/waste beakers
10 x SA5005 sorbent cartridges 5µm filters
10 x SA5105 sorbent cartridges and 5µm filters
10 x inlet filters
1 x 100 ml 30 ppm verification material
1 x 100 ml 100 ppm verification material
1 x 100 ml 400 ppm verification material
1 x 100 ml 900 ppm verification material

Please note that the verification material has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Methods: ASTM D7797, ASTM D7963, IP 583


Cloud Point and Pour Point

Color Measurement


Density Meters


Elemental Analysis

Flash Point Testers

Foaming, Air Release, Emulsification

Freezing Point

Fuel Cleanliness

Oxidation Stability

Penetrometers / Grease Workers



Inline Process Refractometers


Vapor Pressure Testers


Miscellaneous Lab Apparatus