MFT Grounding Kit – 91605-0

The MFT grounding kit comprises external grounding (earthing) loom to dissipate static charge in conformance with the National Standard of Canada C**/CGSB-3.0 No. 142 Cold Soak Filter Blocking Tendency of Biodiesel (B100). The kit can be used with both existing and previous models of the Seta Multi-Filtration Tester.

Comprises Grounding Leads (3 bond wires in sheath) with Cable Guide Assembled, Grounding Lead 0.3m with Cable Guide Assembled, Anti-Static Earth Clip, Grounding Mat, Coil Cord Connector, earth bond plug, and washers.

Methods: CGSB-3.0 NO.142



CCCN CODE Tariff 90268080