MTVM Fuel Oil – 500ml – 99852-0

A unique secondary reference material that provides traceable validation of different test parameters from one sample. Certified in general accordance with ISO Guide 35 and ISO 9001, Stanhope-Seta’s verification materials offer readily available support for laboratory accreditation and compliance programs.

Incorrect determination of a result can have far-reaching financial and safety implications. The growing use of automated instrumentation increases the possibility that incorrect results may go undetected, and in addition, the early indication of bias is a useful warning to minimize production ‘giveaway’.

Certification: Supplied with a Certificate that gives the certified value for each test method covered by the material.

Methods: ASTM D93 (B), ASTM D97-IP15, ASTM D445-IP 71, ASTM D4052, ASTM D4530, IP 34 (B), IP 398, EN ISO 2719, ISO 3104, ISO 10370


  • Unique Multi-test verification from a single sample
  • Manufactured in conformance to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025
  • Supports full compliance to ASTM & IP test method
  • Supplied with full certification, including MSDS
  • Supplied in 500 ml containers
  • Tamper-evident security packaging
  • 2-year shelf life from manufacture


DENSITY AT 15 °C Range: 0.94 to 0.994 kg/l Amount/test: 2 ml
POUR POINT Range: -14 to 7 °C Amount/test: 38 ml
KIN VIS 50 °C Range: 150 to 1800 mm2/s Amount/test: 40 ml
KIN VIS 100 °C Range: 20 to 95 mm2/s Amount/test: 40 ml
MICRO CARBON Range: 0.10 to 30.0 %(m/m) Amount/test: 2 ml
FLASH POINT Range: 88.9 to 121.6 °C Amount/test: 75 ml
CCCN CODE Tariff 38229000