Pelican™ Storm Case™ for the FIJI – FAME Instruments – CASE-FIJI

Sensitive equipment needs protection. This case is designed rugged and travels the harshest environments on earth. Against extreme cold or heat, Pelican cases have survived.
Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware. It is also equipped with a unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically but opens with a light touch.

  • Seven Press & Pull Latches
  • Two Double-layered, Soft-grip Handles
  • In-line Wheels
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • Powerful Hinges
  • O-ring seal


Interior (L×W×D)

29.80 x 20.80 x 17.80 in (75.7 x 52.8 x 45.2 cm)

Exterior (L×W×D)

33.30 x 24.40 x 19.30 in (84.6 x 62 x 49 cm)

Lid Depth

4.00" (10.2 cm)

Bottom Depth

13.75" (34.9 cm)

Total Depth

17.75" (45.1 cm)

Int Volume

6.38 ft³ (0.181 m³)

Padlock Hole Diameter

3/8" (10 mm)

Weight With Foam

45.00 lbs (20.4 kg)

Weight Empty

31.50 lbs (14.3 kg)


388.20 lbs (176.1 kg)

Extendable Handle


Cloud Point and Pour Point

Color Measurement


Density Meters


Elemental Analysis

Flash Point Testers

Foaming, Air Release, Emulsification

Freezing Point

Fuel Cleanliness

Oxidation Stability

Penetrometers / Grease Workers



Inline Process Refractometers


Vapor Pressure Testers


Miscellaneous Lab Apparatus