Shear Stability Head – 19820-3

The Shear Stability Head fits into the Seta-Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Testers (19800-7 and 19900-3) for measuring viscosity shear stability to CEC L-45-A-99 and ISO 26422. The test allows the prediction of in service permanent viscosity loss.


Compact and robust design for long term use and specially designed to fit the Seta-Shell 4 Ball Testers. Temperature control is achieved using an integral control thermocouple for external connection to a Seta Temperature Control System (19830-5). Hoses are connected via quick-release valved connectors for convenient handling. A separate safety overtemperature thermocouple and controller is linked to the 4 Ball and will shut off the drive motor in the event of coolant flow failure. A knurled cap allows for easy hand tightening.

Supplied with;
Tapered roller bearing and jacket
Drive lug
Control thermocouple
Safety thermocouple and controller
Bearing pad
Plunger spacer disk

Note: requires Temperature Control System (19830-5).


CCCN CODE Tariff 90319000


Seta Temperature Control System - 19830-5