Vapor Pressure – Certified Reference Material, Pentane 200 ml – 80610-0

Suitable for verification of Setavap and other mini method instruments, used to determine the vapor pressure of volatile liquid petroleum products, ethanol blends, hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbon-oxygenate mixtures.


  • Full compliance to ASTM D5191; D6378; EN 13016-1 and EN 13016-3
  • This CRM was manufactured in accordance with the principles of ISO 17034 and ISO Guide 35, and the certified values were determined by means of an inter-laboratory study in accordance with EN ISO 4259-1 and ASTM D6300
  • Certified values DVPE 104.7 kPa; Ptot 112.4 kPa; VP4 107.7 kPa
  • Tamper evident packaging for security and proof of integrity
  • Valid for 18 months from manufacture


CCCN CODE Tariff 38220000