Air Release Value Apparatus, 15840-0

The Seta Air Release Value Apparatus is designed to determine the air release properties of hydrocarbon based oils in accordance with ASTM, IP and other methods.

The apparatus is a benchtop instrument with integrated density balance, heater, temperature control system, pressure regulation and microprocessor based control system.

A unique slider arrangement allows easy positioning of the sinker and movement throughout the test cycle.

Methods: ASTM D3427, BS 2000 Part 313, DIN 51 381, IP 313, ISO 9120, NF T60-149

Operator Safety:
– No need to handle hot sample vessel
– Exhaust filter system extracts noxious flames
– Heating prevented when there is no air flow
– Safety cut-out prevents overheating
– Protective safety shield around vessel

Ease of use:
– Removes traditional operator problems
– Sinker is permanently fixed to balance and sample raised up over it
– A mechanical vessel platform allows sample to be quickly and precisely moved between test modes

Precision and Accuracy:
– Automatic timing and regulated aeration ensures stable density and test repeatability

Enhanced Test Throughput:
– Temperature control minimises sample heat loss and speeds up start of test
– Automated test sequence optimises time take for each stage of test
– Quick connectors on glass vessels minimise assembly and cleaning time
– Allows preheated samples to be tested in rapid succession

  • Multi-station sample management platform
  • Touch screen display and auto test commands
  • Circulated heating
  • Automated and integrated density monitoring
  • Automatic result calculation
  • Results storage for over 10,000 tests
  • Full LIMS connectivity
  • Quick connectors for ease of sample handling
Pump rate 23 ml/min
Sample size 200 ml
Temperature range Ambient to 75°C (air to 85°C)
Set temperatures 25°C, 50°C, 75°C (custom temperature available in software)
Temperature stability 0.2°C
Density ±0.001 g/ml
Voltage 100 to 240 AC (switched) 50/60Hz
Current (MAX) 3.5A
Display Widescreen 7″ TFT LCD 800 x 480 resolution
Size (HxWxD) 82 x 44 x 50 cm
Weight 29 kg

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