High Performance Refractometer

TheATR-P is a critical angle refractometer specially designed for applications in the sugar industry. The complete system consists of the ATR-P measuring head and the “L-Controller” electronic unit or the ATR-P measuring head can be connected to a PC or laptop. The user-friendly “Aquisys Basic” PC software is included with the basic configuration.


  • Rugged measuring head (IP65)
  • Single or flow-through measurements
  • For permanent use in production laboratories
  • High performance and accuracy even in a rugged environment
  • Easy handling of the sample compartment
  • Measurement of sedimentary samples possible
  • Easy calibration
  • LIMS integration
  • Data storage space for over a thousand products, each including all measuring methods
  • 21 CFR part 11 conformity

Like all devices from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH, this refractometer is easy to use and delivers highly accurate and reproducible measurement results. Depending on the application, the ATR-P enables both individual and flow measurement. The measuring head can be placed both vertically and horizontally to the sample space. Since the measuring head can be used in both a horizontal and a vertical position, liquid samples with solids can also be measured, making the ATR-P ideal for quality control of liquids such as fruit juice. Calibration can easily be done with a sucrose solution. The measuring head of the ATR-P can be connected to a PC or laptop. Documentation according to GLP / GMP is part of the proven Schmidt + Haensch quality. In addition, the integrated Aquisys 2 software guarantees compliance with 21 CFR part 11.


Measuring scales Refractive Index (RI), Sucrose (%Brix); Up to 1000 scales freely definable
Measuring range 1.32000 – 1.53000 RI / 100% Brix
Resolution 0.00001 RI / 0.01% Brix
Precision ± 0.00002 RI / ± 0.02% Brix
Reproducibility ± 0.00001 RI / ± 0.01% Brix
Ambient temperature + 10 °C to + 40 °C
Automatic temperature compensation + 5 °C to + 50 °C
Temperature measurement NTC sensor for measurement of sample temperature placed inside the prism
Temperature control Temperature control prism/sample by external water bath
Temperature range 5°C / 50°C
Measurement mode Single sample or flow-through measurement/horizontal or vertical usage
Prism Sapphire
Light source/wavelength LED, interference filter 589 nm
Display 7″ Touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixel, 16-bit colors
Operation Touchscreen, keyboard**, mouse**, barcode reader**, remote via PC**
Interfaces 1 x RS232 C serial, 3 x USB (A), 1 x USB (B), 1 x Ethernet, Easy connection of keyboard, mouse, printer, barcode reader, PC, and network
Conformity International Pharmacopoea, ASTM, AOAC, DIN, FDA, ICUMSA, and others
Weight / dimensions  Measuring head: 4.5 kg; 200 x 160 x 135 mm (width x depth x height); L-Display: 3.0 kg; 240 x 190 x 150 mm (width x depth x height)