BLB, Brookfield Liquid Bath

Low-Temperature Brookfield Viscosity

King Brookfield Liquid Bath (BLB) measures low-temperature viscosity of ATF’s, gear oils and hydraulic oils and other fluid lubricants using a patented SimAir® technique which allows the use of a small, less costly, constant temperature liquid bath.  The only technique available that permits independent sample analyses which eliminates the need for batch sample testing.

The BLB is a widely used low-temperature test for a variety of industry specifications.

Models Available:

BLB 701
BLB 702
SimAir® | DIN Liquid Bath

Methods: ASTM D2983 , IP 267, DIN 51398

  • Unique Tannas SimAir® Test Cells provide proper sample temperature control for accurate, precise results and permits each test cell to operate independently, increasing productivity.
  • Features a 12-position carousel with 12 independent sample cells
  • BLB models:  Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –70°C (BLB702) and +30°C to –40°C (BLB 701).
  • SimAir®/DIN model:  Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –55°C.
  • Fully self-contained internal hermetic refrigeration system – no external refrigeration units or controllers needed.
  • Digital temperature controller keeps bath temperature within +/- 0.1°C.
  • Small bench top footprint with large illuminated viewing window.
  • Includes top mount for Brookfield viscometer (viscometer available separately).
  • Internal air system provides a continuous blanket of dry air over samples to eliminate moisture buildup.
  • Safety features include high-pressure cutout, high temperature limits, and low level shutdown.
  • CE Mark
Parts & Accessories

100235:  Tannas D2983 SimAir™ Test Cell Assembly

(Includes:  SimAir™ Glass Stator, Spindle Support,
Coupling Bottom, & SimAir™ Spindle Assembly

100236:  SimAir™ Glass Stator
170018:  DIN Glass Stator
100019:  Brookfield LVDV1 M Digital Viscometer
100005:  Brookfield LV-DV2T Viscometer
170033:  Spindle Storage Block
170028:  Test Cell Holding Rack
350190:  Desiccant Assembly
550175:  Desiccant Media

SimAir™ Parts

100235:  Tannas D2983 SimAir™ Test Cell Assembly
(Includes:  SimAir™ Glass Stator, Spindle Support,
                 Coupling Bottom, & SimAir™ Spindle Assembly)

100231:  SimAir™ Spindle Assembly
(Includes: Spindle, Spindle Sleeve, & Spindle Collar)

100236:  SimAir™ Glass Stator
100226:  Spindle Support
100257:  Sleeve Coupling
100258:  Coupling Top
100256:  Coupling Bottom

A user-friendly touchscreen viscometer facilitates D2983 and DIN 51398 testing.
The patented SimAir™ Test Cells utilize a unique air-gap between the test sample and the liquid bath medium to simulate the original air bath method.
The BLB Test Cell Carousel accommodates twelve (12) samples, allows convenient alignment of each cell to the appropriate test position, and holds both SimAir™ and DIN glassware.
The SimAir™ Quick Connectors allow for swift attachment or removal of the spindle from the viscometer shaft which helps reduce fluid disturbance and viscometer wear, and eliminates cross threading.
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