Clora Online ATEX – 402572-04

Clora Online ATEX – 402572-04

Online Chlorine Analysis in Hydrocarbon or Water

Chlorine is often present in crude oils and the concentration can vary greatly depending on the origin. If not removed, Chlorine can react to form highly corrosive hydrochloric acid in areas such as crude tower overheads, leading to serious operational issues, economic loss, and safety concerns. The need for a reliable online chlorine analyzer for refining process control is more important than ever. Clora Online utilizes ASTM D7536 technology and delivers continuous chlorine analysis to monitor plant equipment corrosion. By monitoring desalted crude, a plant can optimize performance and immediately see impacts of crude changes (including organic chloride). Additionally, monitoring overhead water can provide the necessary feedback for chemical feed.

Methods: ASTM D7536


Clora Online provides chlorine analysis without consumable gasses or elevated temperature processes and delivers real-time data with a dynamic range of 0.2 to 3,000 ppm wt%. Measurement time is typically 5 minutes; however, 15-second snapshot data is available to monitor process upsets. There are no titrations or extractions, equating to very low maintenance.
This model features ATEX.

  • Continuous and real-time analysis
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Total chlorine analysis in
  • For use in multiple application areas
  • Monitor corrosion & increase productivity

Continuous and real-time analysis

Optimize performance and immediately see impacts of crude changes (including organic chloride)

Extremely low maintenance

No consumable liquids or gasses required

Total chlorine analysis

raw and desalted crudes, water, effluent streams, refinery process streams, and finished product

For use in multiple application areas

Upstream desalting, refining, power generation, and effluent management.

Monitor corrosion & increase productivity

Direct measurement without sample conversion – Analysis in ppm (wt)

Calibration curves: One
Catalysts: No
Communication Capabilities: (2) 4-20mA; Modbus and Ethernet (optional)
Consumable/Utility Gas: Instrument air or nitrogen
Dimensions: Depth: 18 in / 45.7 cm
Dimensions: Height: 60 in / 152.4 cm
Dimensions: Width: 38 in / 96.5 cm
Element:Chlorine / 0.2 ppmw in hydrocarbons, 0.6 ppmw in aqueous streams
Measurement Time: User selectable, 15-300 s typical
Method Name: ASTM D7536
Number of sample streams: One; up to four (optional)
Options: Sample Conditioning System
Range:0.2 ppmw – 3000 ppmw
Sample Matrix: Hyrocarbon/water
Specific Technology: MWDXRF
Type: On-Line
Weight: 280 lbs / 127 kg
What’s included?: Base system Includes:
1. Clora 6020 Online Analyzer
Certified for ATEX Zone 1
2. Dynamic range 0.2 – 3000 ppm wt.
3. Signal output: (2) user configurable 4-20 mA result outputs. One (1) alarm output, volt-free
4. Manual sample valve for lab verification
5. Four (4) 300cc SS sample cylinders for calibration fluids
6. Sample Management System
Modular valves for the introduction of calibration fluids
Pressure and flow regulators/meters
7. One (1) reference literature library includes:
One (1) Installation Manual
One (1) User Manual
One (1) Maintenance Manual
One (1) CD copy containing all of the above
8. Includes one (1) high viscosity dynamic window module (DWM)
9. Stainless steel nameplate
XRF Film Type: Kapton