F100/B/CAL-4T Digital Thermometer with two Probes (-50 to +150ºC) with Calibration, F100/B/CAL-4T

F100 digital thermometer inclusive of two PT100 probes, standard range -50 to +150ºC and 4 point calibration with best uncertainties & UKAS (ISO 17025) Certificate of Calibration.. 
Thermometer specification complies with ASTM D445.
Probe dimensions: 6mm x 350mm)

Methods: ASTM D445

  • Wide temperature range -200 to +450°C
  • Resolution 0.001°C
  • Accuracy + 0.02°C in PRT range
  • Stability < 0.005°C per year
  • Display °C, °F, K 
  • Multi function: max-min, std deviation
  • Internal logging or PC via USB