HD Maxine®

Trace Metal Analysis in Hydrocarbons.

HD Maxine assures precise determination of trace metals in crudes, lubricants and used oils without extensive sample preparation or expensive consumables. The analyzer enables the direct analysis of metals from Phosphorus to Lead, at unprecedented detection limits in a robust analyzer configuration designed to perform in demanding petroleum and industrial environments. Plug it in and measure. Results with one touch. Unrivaled precision.

Fast & Precise Multi-Element Analysis. This model utilizes standard XRF sample cups

Application Areas:

  • Contaminants, Additives, Wear Metals.
  • Refineries, Lubricant Plants, Engine Service Centers.
  • Crudes and downstream hydrocarbons, lubricants and used oil.
  • Elements: S, Cl, P, K, Ca, V, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Hg, As, Pb, Se.

What’s in the box?

Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual, radiation survey, power cord, fan filter, HP Officejet printer, 100 prolene accu-cells, 100 prolene sample films, sample stand, spare fuse, 100 pipettes, spare primary window, 30 prolene accucells, accucell inserts, 30 syringe, 1 each calibration standards; (1) FP and (1)background.

• Fits on any bench.

• Plug-it-in and measure: no additional utilities


• Touch Screen user interface.

• Utilizes ACCU-CELL pre-assembled and

pre-vented sample cups for enhanced precision,

extreme ease-of-use and enhanced


• No sample dilution, conversion gasses, heating

elements, quartz tubes or columns.

• Air-cooled excitation tube.

Calibration curves: Fundamental Parameters and user specified empirical calibrations
Communication Capabilities: Printer, USB drive
Consumable/Utility Gas: None
Dimensions: Depth: 20.9 / 53.0 cm
Dimensions: Height: 16.1 / 41.0 cm
Dimensions: Width:15,4 / 39,0 cm
S / 9ppm
Cl / 6ppm
P / 15ppm
K / 1ppm
Ca / 0.7ppm
V / 0.7ppm
Mn / 0.7ppm
Fe / 0.7ppm
Co / 0.4ppm
Ni / 0.28ppm.
Cu / 0.14ppm
Zn / 0.14ppm
Hg / 0.08ppm
As / 0.06ppm
Pb / 0.08ppm
Se/ 0.06ppm
plus other elements
Measurement Time: 100, 200, 300, or 600s
Options: AccuFlow
Range: <5000 ppm
Sample Cup Type: Accu-cell
Sample Matrix: hydrocarbon
Specific Technology: HDXRF
Type: Benchtop
Weight: 51 lbs / 23 kg
XRF Film Type: Prolene

Now Available with Accu-Flow Technology!

• Eliminates particulate settling effects

• Simple design, optimized for everyday use

• Available add-on for all M-series analyzers

ACCU-CELL Sample Cups

• No assembly of separate film & cup components

• Pre-vented sample cups

• Eliminates sample & cup contamination

• One discharge of 1 ml pipette will fill the cup

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