Herschel Emulsifier – 96700-2

The Herschel Emulsifier is a compact and efficient benchtop instrument designed to measure the ability of petroleum oils and synthetic fluids to separate from water.

The instrument incorporates 4 test stirrers, with independent control and motorized raising and lowering. Samples can be tested simultaneously or individually to suit laboratory requirements.

Test cylinders are located in a temperature-controlled bath with an adjustable set point of either 54 or 82 °C, in accordance with ASTM and ISO test methods. A large LCD touch screen display is used to initiate a test and provides automated sequencing with an audible and visual reminder at each recording interval.

Methods: ASTM D1401, IP 412, ISO 6614


  • Multiple operator safety features
  • Intermediate scraping position
  • Integrated timing
  • No removal of the paddles required
  • Guaranteed paddle rotation speed
  • Non-reflective enhanced LED lighting
  • Large viewing window
  • Small footprint

Operator Safety
– Obstruction override if paddles are placed under any resistant load
– Duplex protective viewing glass
– Automatic high temperature cut out
– Overflow prevention
– Automatic low-level liquid trip
– Abort button for an emergency all stop

Ease of Use
– Fully automated paddle movement with motorized raising and lowering
– Easy sample handling without removing the stirrer paddle
– Self-centering collet to ensure concentricity within 1 mm
– Positioning within 6mm from the bottom of the cylinder automatically achieved
– Large LCD touch screen display

Precision and Accuracy
– Non-reflective enhanced LED lighting for improved measurement precision
– Post stirring, intermediate scraping position ensure accurate readings
– Guaranteed paddle rotation speed, regardless of viscosity
– Large viewing window

Enhanced Test Throughout
– 4 independently controlled test stations reduce waiting time
– Rapid bath heat uptime

Bath Volume 5 litres
Bath Liquid Water or white oil
Sample Size 40ml oil, 40ml distilled water, 1% sodium chloride solution or synthetic seawater
Temperature range 54°C and 82°C
Bath Temperature Stability ±1°C
Stirrer Speed 1500 ± 15 rpm
Voltage 110 Vac, 50/60 Hz 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Display LCD touchscreen
Size (HxWxD) 890 x 450 x 450mm
Weight 49.5 kg