ISAAC App Viscometer

PSL Rheotek is proud to introduce ISAAC, a flexible viscometer system powered by a powerful menu-driven App. The ISAAC has several measurement modes including Kinematic Viscosity and Solution Viscosity. The easy to use App can control one or two viscometer positions. ISAAC can be used with any combination of viscometer baths and chillers.

Methods: ASTM D445

ISAAC is easy to set up and operate. The small footprint means that Isaac can be easily accommodated on top of or adjacent to a viscometer bath. Opening the ISAAC App will take the user straight to the measurement screen via a simple login procedure. Sample details are entered into the sample testing configuration screen.

The test mode is selected along with any other parameters e.g. type of sample for ASTM D445 determinability precision.

When ready, the user presses the “Start Test” button and the measurement process will commence automatically. This includes drawing the sample up the capillary, and holding, and releasing it for each flow time measurement. All measurement data is recorded as well as the calculation of determining viscosity results and final viscosity results.


ISAAC’s technology is based on the latest embedded electronics, Bluetooth communication, and App-based software. Meniscus detection is carried out using nIR optical detectors.

System Configurations

ISAAC is configured with the following modules:

  • Control Module
  • Tablet
  • 1 or 2 measuring heads
  • Suitable sizes of Ubbelohde viscometer
  • Viscometer bath (optional)
  • Thermoelectric chiller (optional)
  • ISAAC has one software App – two viscometer positions
  • ISAAC is easy to use with Bluetooth connectivity
  • ISAAC automates flow time measurements
  • ISAAC includes flexible flow time modes
  • ISAAC calculates kinematic viscosity results
  • ISAAC includes wireless printing of results
  • ISAAC includes a comprehensive results database

ISAAC Specifications

Control Module:

No. of viscometer positions

1 or 2

No. of bath positions

1 or 2


RS232 and RS485

Measuring Head:

Detection system


Glass capillary type:

AKV (ASTM) Ubbelohde

Viscosity measuring range:

1 to 10,000 mm²/s


Operating System


Power requirement

100 – 240 VAC