KV6 Viscometer Bath, 84200-3

The KV-6 Viscometer Bath is a temperature-controlled bath that maintains the temperature of viscometer tubes, which are used to measure the viscosity of liquid petroleum products.

The instrument consists of an oil-filled temperature-controlled bath. The bath holds up to six standard viscometer tubes, which you can view through the glass panel at the front of the instrument. Each aperture has a cover to minimise heat loss when not in use. LEDs illuminate the bath so that you can view the viscometer tubes more easily.

Methods: ASTM D2270, ASTM D445, ASTM D446, BS 188, BS 2000-71-2, ISO 3105, BS EN 12595, BS 2000-319, DIN 51 366, DIN 51 562, DIN EN ISO 3104, IP 226, IP 319, IP 71, ISO 3104

An uninterrupted view of viscometer tubes is provided by an oversize double glazed front panel with theouter panel made from toughened safety glass to BS 3463. A removeable and recessed 6 place top plate has 62mm apertures and covers with provision for two thermometer holders. The recessed design allows viscometer tubes to sit low in the bath and provides the user with a much improved vision of the upper timing marks on the viscometer tubes. The instrument can hold seven viscometer tubes when used with the optional viscometer tube plate 84202-0 and 51 mm viscometer tube holders. A digitally controlled thermostir unit heats and stirs the bath, maintaining the temperature between 37 and 150 C. A baffle helps ensure that the temperature is uniform throughout the bath. When performing tests in higher ambient temperatures, you can connect an external cooling supply to the instrument’s internal cooling coil. The coolant circulates through the internal cooling coil, providing a temperature differential and allowing the thermostir to control the bath temperature more efficiently. The 99300-4 Mini Low Temperature Bath/Circulator can supply chilled water to the KV-6 Viscometer Bath for use at high ambient temperatures. The large 50 litre capacity ensures minimum temperature recovery time after loading of bath, improving sample throughput. The KV-6 Bath footprint is the best in its class with compact dimensions of 56cm wide and 33cm depth.

SUPPLIED WITH: 6 covers for test wells, mains lead and instruction manual.

  • Accommodates up to 6 viscometer tubes
  • Temperature range ambient to 150°C
  • Temperature stability ±0.01°C
  • Digital temperature control with Thermostir Plus
  • Oil, silicone fluid or Water filled depending on temperature of use
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Double wall glass front panel ensures optimum insulation and reduce heat loss
  • Integral safety features, including over temperature and low level fluid cut outs and alarms for high/low temperature
  • Low voltage halogen illumination for clear and precise reading of viscometer tubes
  • Two positions for reference thermometers
  • Integral cooling coil for connection to cold water supply or refrigerated chiller optimises bath stability
  • Easy access drain tap fitted at the rear for bath fluid changes
  • CE compliant
Temperature range Ambient to 150°C
Temperature stability ±0.01°C
Tube capacity Up to 6
Bath fluid Oil, Silicone fluid or water
Bath capacity 50 Litres
Voltage 220/240V, 50/60Hz
Power 2.2kW
Size (HxWxD) Bath outside dimensions 560 x 345 x 435mm Tank inside dimensions 526 x 273 x 400mm
Weight 33kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90278091

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