Orbis AirSTAR CFPP Automator

The AirSTAR CFPP Automator is unique in the market and a great way for customers to upgrade their existing manual cooling bath to a powerful CFPP tester.

The AirSTAR CFPP Automator is a fully automatic instrument for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing, only without the ColdBlock cooling unit, you’ll find in the AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer.

Operation is easy and fast, with the wireless hand-held CFPP Head, in which all necessary components for the CFPP test are encaged. The intuitive software on the iPad Mini ensures a short learning curve for operators, so they’re able to create and customize programs quickly. Multiple users and user access levels can be created by the administrator.

One iPad Mini can control up to 8 CFPP Head simultaneously, which enables customers to run multiple CFPP tests on one cooling bath, depending on the capacity of their bath. Automatic cleaning is done when the CFPP Head is placed in the cleaning station.

Due to the modular approach, a customer’s investment in AirSTAR is always future proof: any combination of multiple ColdBlock cooling baths, CFPP Heads and cleaning stations is possible at any time in any order.

Modern, versatile data handling options such as; send to LIMS / Windows PC, make PDF, send an email, multiple printing options and more, enable AirSTAR CFPP to fit inflexibly in any existent data workflow.

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