Oxidation Vessel, 15802-2

An oxidation pressure vessel with a safety burst disc assembly and discharge tube in accordance with ASTM D525, D873, IP 40 and IP 38.

Methods: ASTM D525, D873, IP 40 and IP 38

Comprises a stainless steel vessel with a screw top closure and ‘O’ ring seal, stem, needle valve, quick connection Schrader male coupling for oxygen charging, and a fitting for pressure monitoring devices.

The stainless steel burst disc will rupture within 10ms at 1530kPa (222psi) ±10% and has a fatigue life of 100,000 cycles to 90% maximum pressure.

  • Fitted with burst disk assembly
  • Pressure tested to 2480kPa (360psi)
CCCN Code: Tariff 90269000

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