Petra 4294 Autosampler

Advanced Workflow with Autosampler

Petra 4294 Autosampler complies with ASTM D4294, ISO 8754 and IP 336 methods for sulfur analysis of various hydrocarbons, water, and catalysts.

With Autosampler, users can experience a more efficient with sample tracking and continuous sample loading. Simply scan the QR-coded sample cup with a handheld scanner and the analyzer scans the sample again when it reaches the measurement chamber, ensuring the correct sample name and measurement parameters are paired with results. Users have the option to use X-ID Sample Cups (QR-coded) or standard XRF cups.

  • Sample Tracking
  • Continuous Sample Loading
  • Advanced Software
  • Advanced Data Management

Methods: ASTM D4294, ISO 8754 and IP 336

  • Unique Tannas SimAir® Test Cells provide proper sample temperature control for accurate, precise results and permits each test cell to operate independently, increasing productivity.
  • Features a 12-position carousel with 12 independent sample cells
  • BLB models:  Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –70°C (BLB702) and +30°C to –40°C (BLB 701).
  • SimAir®/DIN model:  Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –55°C.
  • Fully self-contained internal hermetic refrigeration system – no external refrigeration units or controllers needed.
  • Digital temperature controller keeps bath temperature within +/- 0.1°C.
  • Small bench top footprint with large illuminated viewing window.
  • Includes top mount for Brookfield viscometer (viscometer available separately).
  • Internal air system provides a continuous blanket of dry air over samples to eliminate moisture buildup.
  • Safety features include high-pressure cutout, high temperature limits, and low level shutdown.
  • CE Mark
Sample Tracking
Unique identifier sample cups help to eliminate data errors
Continuous Sample Loading
Add urgent samples to the queue as needed
Advanced Software
Preset your measurement configurations
Advanced Data Management
Storage for thousands of measurements
Petra Autosampler Replacement Sample Slide

Series: 403398-01

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