Petra MAX Autosampler – 403102-01AS

Advanced Workflow with Autosampler

Petra MAX complies with ASTM D4294, ISO 8754, and IP 336 methods for sulfur analysis of hydrocarbons like crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and lubricants.

With Autosampler, users can experience a more efficient workflow with sample tracking and continuous sample loading. Simply scan the QR-coded sample cup with a handheld scanner and the analyzer scans the sample again when it reaches the measurement chamber, ensuring the correct sample name and measurement parameters are paired with results. Users have the option to use X-ID Sample Cups (QR-coded) or standard XRF cups.

  • Sample Tracking
  • Continuous Sample Loading
  • Advanced Software
  • Advanced Data Management

Methods: ASTM D4294, ISO 8754 and IP 336

Sample Tracking
Unique identifier sample cups help to eliminate data errors

Continuous Sample Loading
Add urgent samples to the queue as needed

Advanced Software
Preset your measurement configurations

Advanced Data Management
Storage for thousands of measurements

Calibration curves: 30 calibration curves. Linear (automatic calibration available)
Catalysts: Yes
Communication Capabilities: Printer, USB & Ethernet, LIMS Integrated
Consumable/Utility Gas: none
Dimensions: Depth: 16.5 in / 41.9 cm
Dimensions: Height: 21 in / 38.9 cm
Dimensions: Width: 16.5 in / 41.9 cm
Sulfur / 5.7 ppm
Phosphorus / 17 ppm
Chlorine / 3 ppm
Potassium / 0.7 ppm
Calcium / 0.4 ppm
Vanadium / 0.1 ppm
Chromium / 0.09 ppm
Manganese / 0.07 ppm
Iron / 0.07 ppm
Cobalt / 0.07 ppm
Nickel / 0.04 ppm
Copper / 0.1 ppm
Zinc / 0.1 ppm
Measurement Time: User selectable 30-900 s
Method Name: ASTM D4294, ISO 8754, and IP 336
Options: LIMS Connectivity
Range: Sulfur 2.6 ppm – 10 wt%
Sample Cup Type: Standard XRF Sample Cups, X-ID Sample Cups
Sample Matrix: Hydrocarbon, water and catalysts
Specific Technology: HDXRF
Type: Benchtop

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