Polartronic V

  • High-performance circle polarimeter
  • Large 7” touch screen
  • Pre-installed user methods
  • Modular concept for flexibility

A fully automatic, high-resolution Polarimeter with continuous measurement with the following features:

  • High-performance Polarimeter for different applications
  • Robust metal housing
  • Fast, accurate, and reproducible measuring results over the entire measuring range
  • Continuous measurements to control time-dependent or reaction-dependent concentration changes
  • User-friendly Operation System displayed by a 7" TFT Touchscreen
  • Easy to calibrate using certified quartz control plates (SQPC, TQCP)
  • Modern and robust design for rough environments
  • Internal measuring data storage
  • GLP / GMP compliant documentation, 21 CFR part 11 ready, optional corresponding software available
  • Long-lasting LED light source
  • Very quiet
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Remote diagnostics and servicing


With circular polarimeters, the wavelength can change in the course of time due to aging. Therefore, regular testing and, if necessary, recalibration of the polarimeter is necessary. Sucrose solutions or so-called quartz control plates (QCP) can be used as test and calibration standards. This is possible because the optical properties (ORD) of quartz and sucrose solutions are almost identical.

Quartz control plates (QCP) are long-term stable test standards for polarimeters and are recommended by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH as test standards. For this purpose, 0.4 to 1.6 mm thin quartz disks are ground with the highest precision perpendicular to the axes and plane-parallel and installed in a stainless steel tube without tension. The sample space of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH polarimeters allows both the vertical displacement of quartz control plates and the free rotation (± 360 °) around its own axis. Rotation is the only way to determine whether the plates are tension-free and enable the polarimeter to be checked in accordance with the implementation regulations (SPS) of international standards such as ICUMSA and OIML.

With the Schmidt + Haensch software (AQUISYS 2008), the polarimeters of the Polartonic series meet all requirements according to CFR 21 Part 11.

  • Audit Trail function (history logging)
  • Report generation
  • Electronic signature
  • Encrypted electronic data storage and archiving
  • Data transfer to Excel
  • Remote mode

Main specifications

Brand Polartronic M Touch
Measurement scale °Optical Rotation / °Specific Rotation / °Z International Sugar Scale / % Concentration / freely definable scales
Measuring range ± 360°  /  ± 259°Z
Resolution 0,001° / 0,01°Z
Precision ± 0,005° / ± 0,015°Z**
Reproducibility ± 0,005° / ± 0,015°Z
Sensitivity up to OD 5
Response time approx. 4 sec
Wavelength one or two fixed
Measurement mode continuous


Temperature measurement If temperature sensor with appropriate tubes is used / T-Cell Peltier tubes
Temperature control sample with appropriate tubes via external water bath / Peltier temperature controlled sample tubes
Temperature control range depends on the water bath / 18 - 40 °C
Resolution depends on the water bath / 0.01 °C
Precision depends on the water bath / ± 0.03 °C
Reproducibility depends on the water bath / 0.05 °C

Additional information

Measuring tubes up to 200 mm length
Ambient temperature +10 – +40 °C
Light source LED
Display 7” TFT touch screen, 800x480 Pixel, 16 Bit colours
Operation Touch screen, keyboard*, mouse*, bar code reader*, remote via PC*
Interfaces/communication RS232 (1x), USB A (4x), USB B (1x), Ethernet (1x), analog, W-LAN/LAN*

Standard models

M100 T (589 nm) 
M101 T (882 nm) 
M202 T (589 and 882 nm)


Standards*** International Pharmacopoea, ASTM, ICUMSA and others

* optional

** Precision refers to physical standard conditions

*** Specific standard depends on application and the country it is used in. Details on request.