Saccharoflex 2020

Saccharoflex 2020

Reflectance Colorimeter

The Schmidt + Haensch Saccharoflex 2020 is an electronic reflectance meter for automatic color grading of crystalline sugar according to recommendations of ICUMSA, method GS2-11 (1994) and GS2-13 (1994). This device measures the reflectance factors at 495 nm and 620 nm, and the ratio is given in the form of color type numbers. The consistent use of highly integrated circuits, the very low heating, and the easily removable lighting unit make the Saccharoflex 2020 a reliable and easy-to-maintain measuring system. Ceramic calibration standards are also available.


  • Determination of the ICUMSA color of sugar
  • Determination of the degree of whiteness of granulated sugar
  • ICUMSA-compliant measurement
  • Easy calibration
  • A robust instrument for continuous use

Ease of Use

  • LCD display with four-key keyboard ensures easy operation.
  • RS232 Serial port for a secure printer connection.
  • Adjustable working voltage extends the life of the lighting unit, extending the time between replacements.
  • An energy-saving switch prevents overheating for continuous operation.


  • The Saccharoflex measures the color classification of white sugar according to ICUMSA.
  • For use in both production quality control and scientific analysis.

Product Details

The measurement is based on Taylor’s law with an integrating sphere. A large sample surface is selected to reduce measurement instabilities caused by the inhomogeneity of a sample (e.g. different grain sizes).

Only two standards of the Brunswick color type or ceramic standards, preferably 0 and 6, are necessary to calibrate the instrument. Adjustments can be made using the keyboard. The Saccharoflex 2020 allows measurements up to 19.99 color units (CU) without further adjustments.


Main specifications
Measurement principle: Light-electric sphere photometer
Pre-installed filters: 495 nm and 620 nm

Measuring range: 0 – 19.99 CU
Resolution ICUMSA: 0.01 CU
Precision: ± 0.15 (CU)
Reproducibility: ± 0.15 (CU)

Additional information
Light source: Halogen lamp with 12 V, 20 W
Display: LCD, one line
Operation: four-button keyboard
Interface: RS232C / USB-B
Operating temperature: 10 – 40 °C
Main connection: 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Languages: English and German

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