Seta Auto-Oxi Control System, 15452-2

The Seta Auto-Oxi control system provides automatic monitoring of up to 4 pressure test vessels and is designed for use with all water or dry block temperature baths that conform to the test method specifications.

High quality pressure transducers and system components ensure reliable operation and fully traceable results.

The Auto-Oxi system is supplied programmed with pressure/time test profiles for ASTM D525, IP 40 and ISO 7536 allowing rapid test selection and start. Custom test profiles, sample and operator id’s are easily programmed.

Methods: ASTM D525, BS EN ISO 7536, BS 2000-40,ISO 7536, IP 40

The recorded pressure status of each test vessel being monitored is displayed and the software automatically follows the pressure check and test sequence laid down in the test method, the display shows the ongoing test status of each vessel as well as the duration of the test remaining.

Once a test is started the system is designed for unattended operation and automatically reports the induction period (pressure drop) of each sample under test.

Sample data is stored by the software and is quickly accessed via the Data tab on the display screen; results can be printed or downloaded via a USB interface. The Seta Auto-Oxi control system will operate with earlier Seta oxidation baths and can also be used to update the performance of most other oxidation baths.

SUPPLIED WITH: Oxi-Data software, USB Hub, USB Thermometer, Data cable & power supply.

  • Automatic monitoring of up to 4 pressure vessels
  • Suitable for use with a range of pressure vessels
  • Incorporates purge and leak test
  • Automatic breakpoint determination
  • Graphical display
  • Connects to Seta Pressure Transducers via USB hub
  • Supplied with Digital USB thermometer
  • Connects to a PC via USB cable

Test methods: ASTM D525; ASTM D873; IP 40; EN ISO 7536

Thermometer range: 0-130oC

Pressure range: 0-1600 kPa (0-16 bar)

Pressure accuracy: 0.1% of span

Max test duration: 120 hrs/7200mins

Connecting lead (Vessel to data hub): 1.8m Calibration: Pressure and Temperature sensing with traceable certificate

Safety & protection: CE certified/ IP 67 rated

Software operating requirements: Windows XP,Vista,7, or 8 (32 and 64bit) USB or LAN Printer (optional)

Power requirements (USB Hub): 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 500mA

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