Seta Existent Gum Solid Block Bath – Air – 12210-0

A Solid Block Bath designed to carry out up to five simultaneous tests for determining existent gum content in fuels by the Jet Evaporation method.
The bath has removable taper-fit conical air-jet adaptors with copper screens, and an airflow control valve and gauge. Along with five test wells and a thermometer well. Outlets can be individually checked for uniform flow of air.

Methods: ASTM D381, IP 131, IP 540, BS EN ISO 6246, DIN 51 784, ISO 6246


  • Cost-effective and simplified testing using air operation
  • Digital temperature control

The bath has a temperature range of 140 ° to 260 °C and is controlled by a digital temperature controller which displays both the set temperature and the actual bath temperature measured by a probe. The flow of air is adjusted by an inlet control valve and monitored on a Bourdon gauge calibrated for air.

Supplied with;
Bourdon gauge type flow indicator (calibrated for air)
5 x air jet assemblies
5 x borosilicate glass beakers
Instruction manual

NOTE: Rotary Compressor is required for operation. Stanhope-Seta provides this as the Rotary Compressor (12314-0).

OPERATING TEMP. RANGE 140 to 260 °C ±0.5 °C
OVER-TEMPERATURE CUT-OUT 280 °C (adjustable)
AIR/STEAM INLET 15 mm o.d pipe
FLOW INDICATOR Calibrated for minimum and maximum air flow
VOLTAGE 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz or 220/240 V, 60 Hz
SIZE (HXWXD) 45 x 35 x 50 cm
WEIGHT 40 kg
CCCN CODE Tariff 90318080