Seta High Temperature Roll Stability Tester SC, 19450-0

High Temperature Roll Stability Tester with adjustable speed controller (100 to 200 rpm) for shear stability testing lubricant greases by simulating the effect of squeezing grease between the rollers and the outer face of a roller bearing.

Methods: ASTM D1831, MIL-G-10924

The unit allows up to four test cylinders to be used simultaneously. Each test cylinder contains a heavy roller and is loaded with a quantity of the sample grease. The test cylinder rests horizontally upon a set of driving and guide wheels which rotate the cylinder.

A digitally controlled fan assisted air bath is closed over the cylinders to provide evenly distributed heating up to 200°C, and an integral timer is used to set the test duration.

Supplied with: mains lead and instruction manual.

Note: Cylinders and Rollers supplied separately.

  • 10 rev/min and 165 rev/min
  • Air bath temperature range ambient to 200°C
  • Integral timer
  • Four test cylinder capacity
  • Optional venting hood for ambient tests
Capacity Up to 4 cylinders
Rotational speed 100 to 200 RPM
Temperature range Ambient to 200°C
Voltage 110/120V, 60Hz 220/240V, 50Hz
Power 1.8kW
Size (HxWxD) 73 x 70 x 69 cm
Weight 72kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90319000

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