Seta Multiflash Cleveland Flash Point Module, 34300-2

The automatic Cleveland module conforms precisely to national and international Cleveland open cup flash point test methods. It comprises a sample cup, temperature probe, flash/fire detector, and a DIPS pod containing the sweeping mechanism with co-axial gas/electric ignitor.

The Cleveland module must be used with the Multiflash Universal Base unit (p/n 34000-0). The base unit recognises that the Cleveland module is connected and instantaneously sets up standard test parameters and calibration data.

Methods: AASHTO T48, ASTM D92, BS 2000 Parts 36 & 403 (obs), EN ISO 2592, IP 36

The flash point Test Area consists of a removeable sample cup in a thermal insulation ring, and a probe block for mounting the flash/fire detector and sample temperature probe. The sample cup is heated by the hotplate within the 34000-0 Universal Base Unit.

The DIPS pod contains the ignitor sweeping mechanism with a coaxial gas jet/electric hot wire ignitor, and a snuffer that extinguishes any flames in the sample cup at the end of the test. The sample temperature probe is a class A PRT, and flash/fire detection is by an ionisation ring.

Safety features include an initial sweep to check that the sample is below its flash point at the start of the test and a PRT check to ensure that the correct probe is connected and is immersed in sample. When in search mode, the software limits the maximum temperature to 50°C above “expected flash”. The snuffer automatically deploys at the end of the test or if the independent fire detection probe (mounted over the test area) detects a flame. The hotplate in the 34000-0 is equipped with a cut-out to protect against over-temperature.

The optional 34008-0 Cooling Boost Module allows the test area to be rapidly cooled in between tests by a blast of compressed air.

Supplied with DIPS Pod, Test Area, Ignitor, Ionisation ring flash detector, fire detector, sample PRT, sweep arm setup tools, interconnection cables and instruction manuals

  • Fully self-contained flash/fire point test module
  • Ambient to 400°C
  • Exactly conforms to the requirement of Cleveland test method
  • Automatic set up of test parameters
  • Gas or electric ignition
  • Automatic heating control, flash and fire detection
  • Automatic test results & end of test audible warning
  • Automatic snuffer
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Automatic barometric correction
Temperature Range Ambient to 400°C
Bath N/A
Heating Hotplate
Post Test Cooling Fan assisted or Forced Air (Requires 34008-0 Cooling Boost Module option)
Post Test Cool-down Time (90°C to 50°C) 9 minutes (Fan) 6 minutes (Forced Air)
Ignitor Quick-fit coaxial gas jet / electric hot wire, user selectable (Electric hot wire pilot light for gas jet)
Temperature Probe Class A Platinum Resistance Thermometer, °C or °F
Flash / Fire Detection Ionisation Ring
Gas Supply (gas jet ignitor) Laboratory gas, 3kPa (0.44psi) maximum pressure
Air Supply (forced air cooling Dry compressed air, 670kPa (100psi) maximum pressure
Voltage 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz, (switchable)
Power 1kW
Size (HxWxD) 34 x 45 x 42cm
Weight 12kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90268020

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