Seta-Shell 4-Ball Tester-Autoload, 19900-3

The Autoload Seta-Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Tester determines the friction properties of extreme pressure oils and greases. Used in tribology research laboratories and in the routine quality control of finished lubrication products.

A ball, mounted in a chuck, is rotated against three stationary balls in a pot containing the sample lubricant. The digital speed controller has three factory pre-programmed settings. A load, adjustable in the range of 40 to 800kgF, is applied to the balls via a balance beam and electric jack. The applied load is displayed on a digital readout. The torque transferred between the rotating and stationary balls is measured and displayed. The digital timer, with a range of 0.1 second to 9999 hours, can be used to control the duration of the test. If the torque exceeds a preset level, or the balls weld, during a test, power to the drive motor is automatically turned off.

Methods: ASTM D2266 & D4172, ASTM D2596, ASTM D2783, CEC L-45-A-99, DIN 51 350, EN ISO 20623, IP 239, ISO 26422, ISO CD 11008

The optional Seta 19940-0 Wear Loading Kit allows the user to quickly convert the equipment into a Four Ball Wear Tester for ASTM D2266 and D4172 tests.

Supplied with: 1000 IP 239 test balls (ISO 683-17, ISO 3290-1 Grade G5), torque wrench with adjusting key and certificate of calibration, and instruction manual.

  • Applied loads range 40 to 800kgF
  • Drive speed from 1200 to 1760rpm
  • Timer range 0.1s to 9999hr
  • Torque measurement and limiting
  • Full Digital Control
  • Digital displays of Applied Load, torque, time
  • Safety/splash guard
Speed Range 1200 to 1760rpm
Load Range: 40 to 800kgF
Timing: 0.1s to 9999hr
Voltage: 220/240V 50/60Hz
Power: 1.5kW
Size (HxWxD): 169 x 63 x 62cm
Weight: 150kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90319000

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