Seta Universal Oxidation Hightemp Bath, 16600-3

The Seta Universal Oxidation Hightemp Bath is a solid block bath for oxidation and thermal stability tests that allows up to six tests to be carried out simultaneously.

Methods: ASTM D130-IP 154, ASTM D2440, ASTM D4636, ASTM D4871, ASTM D5763, ASTM D5846, ASTM D6514, BIS IS 1448 Part 15, EN 61125A, EN 61125B, EN 61125C, IP 280, IP 306, IP 307, IP 335, IP 48, ISO 2160, ISO 7624

Comprises a solid block bath and a precision digital temperature control system. The aluminium solid block bath maintains a set temperature to within ±0.5°C across a range of 50° to 375°C. The top of the bath is insulated by a ceramic pad, and the vacant test wells have removable ceramic covers. The bath can accept six 27mm oxidation cells, or six 39mm oxidation cells, or three 51mm oxidation cells.

The in-built precision digital temperature controller is simple to operate and features an easy-to-read high visibility display.

A range of flow control units are available and should be selected from the required accessories according to the required test method. Flow control panels comprise of a gas inlet pressure regulator and six or three flowmeters depending on the test cell in use. Panels are convieniently mounted on the rear of the bath saving laboratory bench space. Tubing connections are also kept to a minimum ensuring a safe and neat installation. Optional brackets allow the panels to be bench mounted if this is preferred.

Supplied with: Built-in precision digital temperature controller, mains leads and instruction manual.

Note: Flowmeters, glassware and catalysts must be ordered separately.

  • Solid block bath
  • 50 to 375°C temperature range
  • Built in precision temperature control system
  • 15 test wells in three sizes
  • Up to 6 simultaneous tests
Temperature range 50 to 375°C
Temperature stability ±0.5°C
Test wells 6 x 27mm 6 x 39mm 3 x 51mm
Voltage 220/240V, 50/60Hz
Power 1.2kW
Size (HxWxD) Bath only: 48 x 45 x 49cm
Weight Bath only: 90kg