Setaflash Series 2 Small Scale Tester

The Setaflash Series 2 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is an easy to use instrument that can complete a flash/no-flash test in less than two minutes and in many cases in 60 seconds, or determine the flash point of a sample within a temperature range of 0° to 300°C.

Methods: ASTM D3278; ASTM D3828; CFR 173.120; ISO 3679; ISO 3680; EPA 1020 A & B; UN Class 3 Non-viscous Flammable Liquids; Classification of Dangerous Goods for Carriage: Viscous and Nonviscous Liquids

Simple to Use:

All functions on the Series 2 flash point tester are accessed via a two button keypad and the Seta Multifunctional And Rotational Test (SMART) control feature. The digital display shows test parameters, instrument status, and the test result. An audible prompt is sounded when an action is required from the operator.

Gas for the test jet/shutter assembly is supplied from an integral gas tank, which is filled using a standard butane (lighter) refill cartridge. The Series 2 flash point tester is lightweight and suitable for mobile use when operated from the optional 12 volt power supply adaptor.

Supplied with: 2ml syringe, ignitor, mains lead and instruction manual.


Fuel Oils, Diesel, Aviation Fuel, Marine Fuel, Biodiesel, FAME, Ethanol, Oils – Lubricating, Hydraulic, Base, Mineral, Waste, Hazard Classification.

  • Ambient to 300°C
  • Flash point test in less than 2 minutes
  • Small sample size – 2 or 4ml
  • Audible and on-screen prompts
  • Cost effective
  • Portable operation
  • Simple calibration
Seta Product Reference: Series 2: 29000-0
Small Scale Reference Material: 99878-3
Temperature Range: Ambient to 300°C
Test Modes: Rapid Equilibrium
Sample Size: 2ml for flash points up to 100°C 4ml for flash points above 100°C
Test Duration: 1 minute below 100°C, 2 minutes above 100°C
Heating and Cooling System: Cartridge heater
Temperature Probe: Class A Platinum Resistance Thermometer, °C or °F
Gas Supply: Laboratory gas, 3kPa (0.44psi) max
Size (HxWxD) / Weight: 34 x 47 x 42cm / 20Kg
Power: 110/120V / 1KW

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