Setaflash Series 8 Flash Point Tester with Gas Ignitor-High Temperature-82050-2_v2

Setaflash Series 8 Flash Point Tester with Gas Ignitor – High Temperature – 82050-2

The Setaflash Series 8 High Temperature, closed cup flash point tester provides fast and reliable flash point results with a wide temperature range of 5 to 300 °C.

With the Series 8, a test takes less than 2 minutes with just a 2 or 4 ml sample size. A simple user interface with color digital display and touchscreen icons guides you through the straightforward testing process. For easy record keeping the instrument stores 100,000 test results which can be saved and transferred via a USB port.

Designed for precise and accurate tests, barometric pressure is measured by an internal barometer, and correction is automatically applied to the test result. Unknown samples can be tested using ramp mode.

Methods: ASTM D1655, ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, IP 523, IP 534, BS EN ISO 3679 & BS 2000-523, CLP REGULATIONS EC NO 1272/2008, ISO 3679, ISO 3680 (OBS)


  • Simple test procedure
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Gas ignition
  • Automated flash detection
  • Ramp mode for unknown samples
  • Automatic barometric pressure correction
  • Fire detection (alarm and relay)
  • USB port and result storage

Ease of use:
All functions on the Series 8 including test parameters, instrument status and test results are accessed via the touchscreen display. An audible prompt sounds when a flash is achieved and an automatic flash detector enhances repeatability.

The instrument incorporates an over-temperature cutout that cuts the power to the heater if the cup temperature exceeds 320 °C. A fire sensor immediately stops the test and cools the sample cup if a fire is detected.

Calibration and verification:
Calibration of the Series 8 can be performed in the field, eliminating the costs and time associated with sending the instrument to a service centre.

Service and maintenance:
The rugged design ensures minimal operational maintenance is needed.

Supplied with: 2 ml syringe, 99878-3 CRM, Allen keys, mains lead and instruction manual.

TEMPERATURE RANGE Ambient +5 to 300 °C
SAMPLE SIZE 2 or 4 ml according to method
TEST DURATION, RAPID EQUILIBRIUM 1 minute below 100 °C, 2 minutes above 100 °C, FAME 1 minute or user defined 1 to 99 minutes
TEST DURATION, RAMP MODE Typically 7 minutes
HEATING/COOLING METHOD Ceramic Pad, Forced Air (post-test cooldown)
VOLTAGE 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz Auto-sensing
SIZE (HXWXD) 300 x 340 x 380 mm