Orbis STARDist Lite

Semi-Automatic Atmospheric Distillation

Built with the same hardware as its Fully Automatic brother STARDist, the Semi Automatic “Lite” version offers quality and convenience in manual distillation testing.

Methods: ASTM D1078, ASTM D850, ASTM D86, DIN 51751, GOST 2177, IP 195, ISO 3405, JIS K2254


Touch screen

STARDist Lite is equipped with a built-in iPod. The in-house designed STARDist Lite app is made for:

  • Easy and precise heater power control
  • Monitor & control of condenser temperature (with ramping feature to prevent waxing with “heavy group 4 samples”)
  • Regulating fan speed for after-test cooling
  • Easy calibration workflows, user settings, instrument diagnostics


Condenser cooling

The same solid-state condenser cooling system as in STARDist offers :

  • No liquids, valves or pumps involved
  • Thermo-electric cooling (Peltier) with heat pipe technology for fast and efficient heat extraction
  • User adjustable during distillation test
  • Maintenance friendly


Fire safety

With its built-in UV fire detection and fire extinguishing system, STARDist Lite is the world’s safest distillation unit for manual distillation testing.

Note: requires N2/CO2 supply from the lab (pressure 3 – 4.5 Bar)

AirProbe D86

STARDist Lite integrates with AirProbe D86. This “digital D86 thermometer”  is designed by Orbis to:

  • Replace the old mercury thermometer in D86 testing
  • Emulate the ASTM 7C / 8C behavior (lag time and emergent stem correction)
  • Increase reproducibility and make life easy for D86 operators
  • Store, print and export test results

Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, E123, IP195, DIN51751, ISO 3405, GOST 2177, JIS K2254.

User interface: iPad with STARDist app software. Available in the App Store. App & updates are free of charge.

Flask Installer: Ensures easy and correct upright flask positioning for both 125 ml and 200 ml flasks. The vapor probe’s height position relative to the flask’s side arm is always correct thanks to the vapor probe design in combination with the strict flask dimensions.

Heating control: Manual control through touch screen or automated from preset program optimization.

Heating system: Low mass/low voltage heater. 2 user adjustable fans for extra fast cooling after test. Automatic heater lift with correct flask pressure & positioning. Automatic shut-off in case of fire.

Condenser cooling: Solid state: based on Peltier elements with heat-pipe assisted heat sinks and silent fans for heat dissipation. No liquids involved. Condenser temperature can be increased during the distillation to deal with “light start / heavy end” products to prevent both evaporation loss and product waxing in the condenser tube. Temperature range: 0 – 65°C. Resolution 0.1°C.

Volume detection: Smart HD CCD camera for accurate volume measurement. Detects actual bottom of the meniscus. Suitable for “smoke producing” products. Each-test automatic calibration of the camera based on calibrated ring marks on receiver cylinder. Resolution: 0.01 ml, accuracy: 0.01 ml, charge volume: 0-105%.

Residue & Loss: Manual measurement or preset. Loss correction is automatically applied to temperature readings.

Vapor temperature measurement: Standard: Mercury 7C or 8C thermometer (not supplied by Orbis BV). AirProbe D86 upgrade: PT-100 class A probe with 10-point calibration data storage and automatic probe ID detection. True dynamic simulation of ASTM 7 & 8 in-glass thermometer behavior (lag time and emergent stem). Resolution: 0.01 ºC. Range: 0 – 450°C on ASTM and 0 – 500°C on absolute.

Pressure: Built-in pressure sensor. Automatic correction of temperature results to atmospheric pressure. Range: 70 to 110 kPa, resolution 0.1 kPa.

Fire safety: UV sensor for fire detection. Built-in fire extinguisher. N or CO2 supply required from lab (connection hose is supplied). *Requires ordering the additional Fire Extinguisher.

System health: Automatic quick system health check before every test to ensure all components are in excellent state.

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 63cm (WxDxH), weight: 40 kg

Accessories: Kiosk printer

Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Power: 1200 W

Lab conditions: Environment temperature 10°C – 30°C. Environment humidity up to 80 % at 30°C.