TBS 3000 HTHS Viscometer

TBS 3000 HTHS Viscometer

High-Temperature, High Shear Rate Rotational (Absolute) Viscosity

High-Temperature, High Shear Rate  Rotational (Absolute ) Viscosity:  The coaxial Rotor/Stator design permits the exact measurement of rotor position and the torque response of the liquid’s resistance to flow (viscous friction), which determines the apparent fluid viscosity.  Applying a constant and linear shear rate profile continually to the fluid makes the TBS® an absolute viscometer where ‘true’ shear rate is calculated from known dimensions and speed of rotation. The TBS® measures viscosities of fresh and used oils at multiple select shear rates and temperatures. This proves particularly useful with multi-grade oils and their influence on fuel efficiency.

Developed in 1979 and under several patents, the TBS® Viscometer became the world’s first high shear viscometer.  It remains the modern benchmark ‘referee’ instrument for HTHS viscometry due to its innovative measurement technique, robust design, and notable operational versatility.

This newest TBS® model is completely redesigned and re-innovated, providing multiple enhancements to electrical and temperature components, automation, calibrations, and oil injection features, dramatically improving the overall user experience.  These advancements promote simplified operations and less reference oil usage with no separate components, while offering the same or better precision and robustness as previous TBS models.

Methods: ASTM D4683 | D6616, CEC L-36-A90, IP 370, JPI-5S-36-03, Reference Technique for ASTM D4741 and D5481


  • Integrated Custom Control System with custom PCB Boards and built-in TBS Touch Software – Eliminates computer, DAQ Boards, and associated cabling.
  • Improved operating stability to varying lab environment conditions.
  • Built-in 40-position AutoSampler with auto single-injection mechanism.
  • Incorporates (10) easily replaceable Reference Oil containers (Quart, 1/2 Gal. or Gal.).
  • Custom LED lighting scheme based on operating condition. Innovative temperature control system – no external cooling bath for 80° operation.
  • Auto-monitoring of Waste Oil container with Overfill Alarm.
  • Remote data access with Ethernet connection.
  • Barcode reader compatible.

330221: TBS 3000 Oil Inlet Tubing
330198: TBS 3000 Alignment Assembly
330061: TBS 3000 ½/Gal Cap Assembly
330173: Quart Reference Oil Cap Assembly
330063: Sample Filter Housing (No Fittings)
330075: Sample Filter, Cleaning
330040: TBS 3000 RTD Assembly
330041: TBS 3000 Siamese Collet Assembly
330164: TBS 3000 R/S Assembly with Heatsink
330187: Stator Heater Assembly
300548: Filter Paper (PK/50)
300514: Auto-TBS Disposable Vials (PK/50)
300949: Collet Shaft (PK/5)
950453: Ball End Screwdriver, 5/64
300319: Collet Assembly Tool
300512: O-Ring Stator Housing (PK/5)
300513: Disposable Syringe (PK/20)
330202: TBS 3000 Pump O-Rings (PK/5)