Thermo-oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test

The TEOST 33C test simulates the effect of engine operating conditions on the oxidation and deposit-forming tendencies of engine oils, especially in the high-temperature Turbocharger area. The TEOST MHT test simulates similar effects and conditions found in the ring belt and piston ring areas of the engine.

Oil samples treated with catalysts are pumped over a heated 33C Depositor Rod or a coiled MHT Depositor Rod on which deposits form. The weight of the Depositor Rod after the test is subtracted from its pre-test weight and added to the particulate weight collected by filtering the oil remaining. The results are reported in milligrams.

Models Available

ASTM D6335 | Dual/33C Model (Chinese SH/T0750)
ASTM D7097 | MHT Model (Moderately High Temperature)

  • Adjustable temperature zones and pump speeds.
  • Clear Glass Mantle for easy viewing of depositor area during a test.
  • Ability to collect the volatilized material for further analysis and investigation.
Depositor Rods:
500012: TEOST™ 33C Depositor Rods (10 rods/box)
500993: TEOST MHT™ Depositor Rods (10 rods/box)

Optional Accessories:
500990: 33C/Dual Mass Flow Controller
500995: MHT™ Mass Flow Controller
500075: Thermocouple Depth Gauge
500070: Two-Channel Chart Recorder – R
500065: Chart Recorder Paper – R
500024: Chart Recorder Pen – Black
500067: Chart Recorder Pen – Red

Spare Parts & Consumables (for either Test):
500030: TEOST Filter Cartridges w/Caps
500612: T/C Main (J-type)
500614: T/C Over-Temp. (K-type)
500409: Depositor Rod O-Rings (20/pack)
500892: Filtering Flask Funnel
500856: Filter Tube Assembly
500016: Steel Wool
500019: Pipe Cleaners (100/box)
500084: Disposable Pipette
500428: #8 Rubber Stopper
300995: Combination Wrench 7/16
500872: Thermocouple Collar Assembly
020044: TPC Calibration Oil (0.47 L | pint)
200103: Syringe (100 microliters)
500076: Weighing Boats
300815: Tool Box
500822: Spare Fuse Set (for either 110V or 220V)
500085: Plastic Depositor Rod Holder
500715: Protective Shield
Allen Keys for the cabinet (P/Ns 500610, 500611, 500613)

Depositor Rods crafted from precision machined steel meet Tannas specifications for exclusive use in TEOST™ tests. All rods undergo a rigorous inspection and measurement process prior to acceptance.
Mass Flow Controllers, utilized for both TEOST™ 33C and MHT™ tests, introduce various components to the test oil such as reactive gases and air. The MHT™ Mass Flow Controller solely operates with the D7097 test, while the 33C/Dual Mass Flow Controller operates with both ASTM D6335 & D7097 tests.
The TEOST MHT™ test utilizes Depositor Rods with a wire-wound center.
Lazar Scientific is your reliable source for Oxidation Stability Testing Equipment.

Contact Lazar Scientific for additional spare parts, reference oils, and accessories to run the MHT™ and 33C tests.


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