TFAB™ | Tannas Foam Air Bath

Foam Tendency & Stability of Lubricating Oils

High foaming tendency and slow foam collapse time are two undesirable responses of engine oils and hydraulic fluids which can result in mechanical failure. The TFAB™ measures the tendency and stability of foam additive effectiveness in oils and lubricants over a broad temperature range (24°C to 150°C).

The single air bath approach of the TFAB™ dramatically reduces bench space requirements, eliminates the need to replace oxidized (discolored) bath oil, permits more accuracy in reading foam levels, and significantly reduces the hazards of operating sequences of higher temperatures. The TFAB™ has shown a correlation in ASTM round robin studies and has assisted in ASTM efforts of improving the test method precision.

ASTM D892 | Sequence I, II, III
ASTM D6082 | Sequence IV
IP 146
Chinese GB/T12579
Chinese SH/T0722

  • The non-liquid system eliminates hazardous bath mediums from laboratory environments.
  • New Direct Drive motor for quiet and maintenance-free operation.
  • Thermal equivalence at all locations within bath – no temperature variations among samples.
  • Removable six-position cylinder carousel; convenient side-mounted cylinder drying rack.
  • New touchscreen controller and thermocouple placement for accurate control via sample temperature.
  • Progressive timer with audible alarms for simplified determination of Collapse Time in D6082 test.
  • Built-in cool ‘tap’ water circulation system aids cooling from higher temperature Sequences and maintains 24°C in warmer lab environments. Optional Chiller Bath available for labs without a cold tap water source nearby.
ASTM D892 & D6082:


550120: Water Displacement Exit Air Measuring Device
550122: Digital Exit Air Measuring Device
550156: Air Flow Calibration Device
550154: Digital Gas Diffuser Verification Device
550080: TFAB™ Chiller Bath
550016: Glass Cylinder – 1000 mL
550157: Stainless Steel Diffuser Stone – Certified
550145: Diffuser Tube Assembly
550029: Centering Washer
550018: Air Tubing – 18” Tygon
550020: Probe s/s 18”
970137: Lamp LED – Foam Bath
550125: Cylinder Stopper Assembly (3 hole)
550060: Spare Fuse Set – 220V, 50/60 Hz
550037: Carousel Rubber Stopper
040004: F-100 Reference Oil (1.89 L)
040005: F-200 Reference Oil (1.89 L)

Certified Stainless Steel Diffuser Stones immersed in oil before the test begins.
Foaming oil during a TFAB™ testing sequence.
TFAB™ Diffuser Tube Assemblies.
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