Visual Circle Polarimeter

  • Rugged visual polarimeter
  • Three lighting units
  • Ideal for school/education

Small Universal Polarimeter

NEW: Long-lasting LED illumination unit

The Small Universal Polarimeter is a visual circle polarimeter suitable for school and education. The polarimeter has a circular scale of ±180° angular degrees divided into full degrees. Together with the Vernier scale rotations can be measured to a precision of 0.1° and with a little practice, they can be estimated to a precision of 0.05°. The light source LED is a very long lasting illumination unit (lifetime approx. 50.000 hours).

Main specifications

Measurement scale °Optical Rotation
Measuring range ± 180°
Precision 0,1°**
Sensitivity up to OD 3
Wavelength one fixed (546 or 589 nm)
Measurement mode visual

Additional information

Measuring tubes up to 200 mm length
Ambient temperature +10 – +40°C
Light source LED
Operation manual

Standard Models

VISPOL 589 (available with LED)
VISPOL 546 (available with LED)

** Precision refers to physical standard conditions