Setaclean Total Sediment Tester, 16120-2

Setaclean Total Sediment Tester – 16120-2 The Setaclean Total Sediment Tester is a compact bench-mounted unit for determining the insoluble material content of distillate and residual fuel oils. Methods:  ASTM D4870, IP 375, IP 390, BS ISO 10307-1, BS ISO...

Seta Fuel Oil Ageing Bath – 16155-5

Seta Fuel Oil Aging Bath – 16155-5 The 12-liter capacity bath is a stand-alone benchtop instrument comprising 6 air wells and a thermostir unit. The thermostir unit includes a digital temperature controller, circulator, heater, and an LED display. On some models....

Crude Oil Filtration Apparatus ASTM D4807 – 19727-0

Crude Oil Filtration Apparatus ASTM D4807 – 19727-0 ASTM D4807 covers the determination of sediment in crude oils by membrane filtration. This test method has been validated for crude oils with sediments up to approximately 0.15 mass %. Supplied with Works...

Seta Extraction Apparatus – 21300-0

Seta Extraction Apparatus – 21300-0 Determines the sediment content of crude oil and fuel oils by extraction with toluene. The sample is placed in a refractory thimble and washed with condensed toluene vapors leaving only insoluble matter, the residue is...


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