Seta Cold Filter Blocking Tester (CFBT & CSCFBT) – 91670-2

Seta Cold Filter Blocking Tester (CFBT & CSCFBT) – 91670-2 The Seta CFBT is a small scale laboratory analyzer which measures the Cold Filter Blocking Tendency (CFBT) of diesel and gas oils. The CFBT predicts how diesel fuel may behave at low ambient...

Seta Cold Soak Test Bath – 91665-0

Seta Cold Soak Test Bath – 91665-0 The Seta cold soak bath is a specially designed benchtop unit with programmable digital temperature control suitable for cooling and heating samples in accordance with cold soak test requirements; IP PM-EA, CEN N 403: +5 °C for...

SetaCool – 94150-0

SetaCool – 94150-0 The SetaCool is designed to provide a fast, accurate and precise determination of Cloud Point, Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point of petroleum products, diesel and cooling fuels to -69 °C. The compact, desktop instrument features a...


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