AvCount 250ml Bottle Tumbler – SA1010-0

Bottle tumbler for use with the AvCount2 (SA1000-2), AvCount Lite (SA1800-0) and AvCount Lube (SA1900-0). Fitted with 250ml ‘syrup’ bottle holder (see SA1004-0).

Methods: ASTM D975, ASTM D7619, ASTM D7647, IP 565, AS 4059, DEF STAN 91-091, DEF STAN 91-86, GB 5930, GJB 420-1987/420-A-1996/420B-2006, GOST 17216, ISO 4406, NAS 1638, SAE 749D, SAE A6D


CCCN CODE Tariff 90318020