Even after refining, products can contain certain sulfur compounds originally in the raw crude oil. These compounds can have corrosive effects. For this reason many fuel specifications require a copper strip corrosion test. For example, Astm D130 is required in the D396 Specification for Fuel Oils, D975 Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils and D1655 Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels. Higher vapor pressure products (greater than 18 psi) require the ASTM D1838 method.

We offer specifically designed baths, sample tubes, pressure vessels and other accessories, by Stanhope Seta, associated with these methods.

A range of stirred water, oil filled or solid block baths featuring digital temperature control to an accuracy ±0.1°C. All baths are manufactured from stainless steel and have a stainless steel top plate with multiple positions for test stations. Each position is equipped with a lid with an integral hook for suspending either a copper corrosion test vessel (Seta 11500-0) or a test tube support (Seta 11420-0). A test tube support can hold up to three test tubes (Seta 11590-0). Any combination of copper corrosion vessels and test tube supports may be used. The Oxi-Cor can also accept up to three oxidation test vessels.